My GDC 2010 Schedule

GDC 2010

Session TitleDateStart TimeEnd TimeLocation
Designing for Performance, Scalability & Reliability: StarCraft II’s Approach2010-03-1109:00:0010:00:00Room 306, South Hall
Don’t Dread Threads2010-03-1109:00:0010:00:00Room 122, North Hall
Data is a Four-Letter Word2010-03-1110:30:0011:30:00Room 131, North Hall
Developing Games for Windows Phone 7 Series2010-03-1113:30:0014:30:00Room 301, South Hall
High Performance 3D Games on Windows Phone 7 Series2010-03-1115:00:0016:00:00Room 301, South Hall
Development and Debugging Tools for Windows Phone 7 Series2010-03-1116:30:0017:30:00Room 301, South Hall
God of War III: Shadows2010-03-1116:30:0017:30:00Room 304, South Hall
Managing your Memory for PlayStation 32010-03-1116:30:0017:30:00Room 121, North Hall
Taking Fluid Simulation Out of the Box: Particle Effects in Dark Void2010-03-1209:00:0010:00:00Room 304, South Hall
The Psychology of Game Design (Everything You Know Is Wrong)2010-03-1210:30:0011:30:00North Hall D, Lower Level
Direct3D 11 In-Depth Tutorial: Tessellation2010-03-1213:30:0014:30:00Room 121, North Hall
Streaming Massive Environments from 0 to 200 MPH2010-03-1213:30:0014:30:00Room 303, South Hall
The Old Republic’s Object Model Pipeline2010-03-1213:30:0014:30:00Room 125, North Hall
Bringing the Best of Xbox LIVE to Windows Phone 7 Series2010-03-1214:30:0015:30:00Room 301, South Hall
Expanding the Reach of Gaming on Windows phone2010-03-1215:00:0016:00:00Room 301, South Hall
Development Telemetry in Video Games Projects2010-03-1216:30:0017:30:00Room 131, North Hall
Task-based Multithreading – How to Program for 100 cores2010-03-1216:30:0017:30:00Room 300, South Hall
Texture compression in real-time, using the GPU2010-03-1310:30:0010:55:00Room 132, North Hall
R-Trees — Adapting out-of-core techniques to modern memory architectures2010-03-1311:05:0011:30:00Room 132, North Hall
The Rendering Tools and Techniques of Splinter Cell: Conviction2010-03-1313:30:0014:30:00Room 303, South Hall
Shears – Squeeze the Juice Out of the CPUs: Post Mortem of a Data-Driven Scheduler2010-03-1315:00:0016:00:00Room 304, South Hall
Uncharted 2: HDR Lighting2010-03-1315:00:0016:00:00Room 305, South Hall