Unstoppable Grave Looter

Global Game Jam – 2016

An intrepid grave looter accidentally disturbed the ritual of the groundhog and was cursed to never stop running. Trapped in an eternal hell, they fall back on old habits and decide to loot some graves.

Each grave you destroy will either provide delicious loot or disturb the dead.
Collect ingredients to perform rituals that cleanse the restless dead. When enough have been gathered, cross over the altars dotted thru the cemetery.
Use your shield amulet in a pinch, or gather more armor from the merciful angels.

Download and Play

Unzip and run the executable for your platform. You may need to install the UE4 prereqs as well.

If the game feels sluggish, press F5 to run the automatic benchmark to pick better rendering settings.


You are unstoppable and are always moving!

Mouse or Right Stick – Change which way you are running
WASD or ZQSD or Left Stick – Strafing and backpedaling.
LMB or Shift or Gamepad A – Shield amulet (recharged via some types of loot)
RMB or Space or Gamepad B – Jump
Escape – Quit game
F1 – Toggle FPS display
F5 – Run automatic benchmark to pick the best quality settings for your PC

Content Licenses

Content under a different license
“Happy Happy Game Show”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Profile portraits of GIR, Hobbes, PrezThompkins, and Kevin MacLeod
Presumed fair use

All Infinity Blade content
Free for use in UE4 projects subject to the UE4 EULA

All other content is licensed under the WTFPL v2


Global Game Jam – 2015

Overlord Phil has ordered all of his minions (that means you and up to three of your friends) to bring him cows, lots and lots of cows!

What do we do now? Cooperate to make Phil happiest or compete against the other minions to raise your status. Poor cows…


Socket Saga

Global Game Jam – 2014

Socket Saga is a deck-building card game where your vision of the cards shapes their behavior. Socket together cards and lock in edges to activate their abilities.

Earn internet monies, slay memes, and defeat your opponents for everlasting honor.

Developed with Michael Noland.

Undead Man Lover

Global Game Jam – 2013


Using your magical love powers you must restart the hearts of the dead. But be careful, exerting yourself too much makes your heart beat faster, which attracts more zombies.

  • Michael Noland
  • Nick Darnell

Broken Magic Jumper

Triangle Game Jam – 2012


You are the keeper of the Jump Crystal, the source of all jump powers across the multiverise. That is until one day, when you tripped and dropped the crystal shattering fragments all over the place. You’ll need to collect and use the shards of the crystal to rebuild it.

  • Nick Darnell

Low Power

Global Game Jam – 2012


Using your precious battery power you must activate your robot attachments to make it through the levels alive. But the more powers you use, and the longer you use them the faster your battery will drain. Collect energy and avoid the traps, Low Power!

  • Nick Darnell
  • Scott Freeman

Hubert’s Safari Adventure

Global Game Jam – 2011


A game for one player using an Xbox controller or keyboard and mouse, wherein you exterminate dodos for a tyrannosaur named Hubert.

– Hubert runs a park with the allegedly extinct dodo.
– You have gotten a pass to go hunting on his lands.
– Kill as many dodos as you can in the time limit.
– Use ice cream to attract the dodos, and then crush them!
– Drive them before you! Hear the lamentations of the hens!
– Bonus time and money is awarded for high-efficiency extinction.
– The game ends when time expires.

  • Alexander C. Park
  • Autumn Ford
  • Chris VanderKnyff
  • Harrison Moore
  • Michael Kelley
  • Michael Noland
  • Nick Darnell




Super Block Tower Extreme 1,000,000

Triangle Game Jam – 2010


Your job is to build as high a tower as you can with randomly generated pieces without it falling.  The blocks come in different colors, if you managed to get 3 blocks touching of the same color, they will solidify giving you a new base to build from that wont wobble.  This game was not finished due to germs.

  • Nick Darnell

Possessed: The Turing Deception

Global Game Jam – 2010


As a incorporeal assassin, you possess and control the bodies of innocents to further your mission of destroying rival assassins.

  • Nick Darnell
  • Scott Jacobs
  • Harrison Moore
  • Michael Noland
  • Alex Park
  • Nolan Walker


Triangle Game Jam – 2009


Keep the Bulgarians from starving during Lent by turning Rats into Fish.

  • Nick Darnell
  • Nathan Bolt
  • John Ullrich
  • Paul Oliver
  • Ben Jacobs

Space Fish

Triangle Game Jam – 2009


Mindy the Space Fish is a persistent omnivore which will exist until the end of time.
You are Mindy’s minder, feeding her pesky Red stars and keeping her from eating the pretty Blue stars.

  • Nick Darnell
  • Michael Noland
  • Patrick Sebring
Additional Contributors
  • Mike Daly – Artwork, effects
  • Michael Lee – Sound effects
  • Harrison Moore – Music
  • Vincent Scheib – Title screen code

Double Beer Blaster

Triangle Game Jam – 2008


The worlds first video game designed specifically to be a drinking game. Double Beer Blaster is a two player game where players take turns with the controller. The player with the controller tries to manipulate the tap around the screen to fill up the floating beer mugs. The other player sits with a beer in each hand. When a mug gets filled in the game, the player sitting out takes a drink. After the round is over, players swap places to inflict sweet revenge.

  • Mike Daly
  • Nick Darnell
  • Wes Hunt