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The 2012 Global Game Jam is over and it was another year of awesome games in the Raleigh-Durham – North Carolina area.  This week I wanted to put the spotlight on all the games lovingly crafted by our crack squad of jammers – especially mine, Low Power! :D

The Theme


The Ouroboros – but no explanation was given.  We just showed the jammers the image and it was up to them to interprete it.

LOTR Body Snatching

Rock, Paper, Scissors with body snatching!
Avoid or possess enemies to stay alive and win.

Low Power

In order to survive Low Power you must consume yourself (like the Ouroboros) to survive.  You control a robot whose battery is constantly draining but there are valuable energy cores scattered throughout the level that will sustain your life.  There are all kinds of dangerous environmental hazards that unless you enable your sensors/abilities (lights, shield, ground sensor, microphone) you’ll never survive.  However enabling the different systems will drain your battery even faster!


You are a Parasite that leeches off battle ships. Enemies will constantly come in formations to destroy the ship you are occupying. Using the possessed ship, you must defeat your enemies! However, as you leech your ship it slowly dies, you will constantly need to take control of and leech of another ship. With out a ship for protection you are helpless!

Planes on a Snake

A rift in spacetime has resulted in a large number of World War II era planes getting stuck on the world snake.  Join the frequent fliers club of Ouroboros Airlines, racking up points while taking advantage of the torus nature of your new environment.

Roller Snake: The Quest for Chili Dogs

Control “Hardy the Hoop Snake, Jr., III, IV, and V” in his quest to eat as many chili dogs as possible while winding through ‘Catastrophe Canyon’

Snake Run

You are the snake’s guardian, you must ensure that balance is maintained.  Let enough creatures be eaten by the snake to ensure he doesn’t starve, but not enough that he frenzies and destroys everything.  All the while outrunning him!