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Back in April I wrote a short post about Activate3D releasing 1.0 of ICM, but unlike the 0.8 alpha version the 1.0 did not ship with a community version.

Well today I’m happy to say we’ve released a new 1.1 version with a community version along with a Unity (Free or Pro) integration.

The 0.8 version of the product was much harder to pickup and play with because there wasn’t a level editor.  With the Unity integration that problem has been greatly alleviated.  Users can now drag and drop features into their level to create a world they can explore and interact with using their Kinect and OpenNI.

We’ve tried to expose a lot of the functionality to the GUI layer in Unity.  For the things you’re unable to do through the GUI, we’ve exposed a great deal of our API to .Net.  The 1.1 community edition also includes our native and managed binding layer code so that if you need to expose additional things or need to do something only available in our native C++ API you can take advantage of our existing SWIG code to wrap your new functionality, instead of writing your own wrapper layer or SWIG interface from scratch.

Download ICM 1.1 Community Edition

The new 1.1 version of ICM solves many of the problems OpenNI users encounter and more. All of these ICM features are usable out of the box with a couple of mouse clicks,

  • Skeleton retargeting
  • Skeleton stabilization
  • Gesture/Pose detection
  • Several grasping solutions
  • Refined hand position for NUI GUIs
  • Engagement/Disengagement with physical objects
  • Physical object collision
  • Feet planting
  • Avatar physical simulation
  • Sample intractable features - Bars/Poles
  • Ropes
  • Floors/Walls
  • Water
  • Ledges
  • Dynamic Box/Sphere
  • Jump Paths
  • Triggers
  • Zipline