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Tick Tock

less than 1 minute read

GDC is nearly upon us and we’re wrapping up the latest release of the product, Gamebryo Lightspeed.  Keep an eye out for updates on the website, or if you pl...

Where would you take it?

1 minute read

There are few things more painful than trying to debug an application in production.  So I was very pleased to run across a little tool today that can be use...

Global Game Jam: Space Fish

less than 1 minute read

This weekend was great fun, I participated in the first annual 48 hour Global Game Jam.  Working on the smash hit, Space Fish.

MSIL Command

1 minute read

MSIL is a fantastic language, but then again I loved programming in x86 assembly back in school .  The problem with programming in MSIL is the same problem y...

WPF: Just enough thread to hang yourself

3 minute read

One of the really nice features of WPF is that it comes with a Dispatcher for executing code coming off a thread different from your UI thread.  It’s not sub...