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Project Natal

less than 1 minute read

If you haven’t gotten a chance yet to check out what Microsoft has planned for the 360 in the coming year, you should check out this video about Project Natal.

I ❤️ The Vitality Sensor

2 minute read

The Wii Vitality Sensor was just announced at E3 and I’m thrilled. I’ve wanted this type of peripheral for a long time. Think of what knowing the heart rate ...


1 minute read

We (Emergent) posted a series of demo videos over at our YouTube channel. They are videos we created prior to GDC’09 for customers and such. These videos dem...

World Builder 2040?

less than 1 minute read

This video was getting passed around the office a little while back. Figured I would link it here for posterity. It’s Bruce Branit imagination of what a worl...

Of Users and Tools Developers

2 minute read

Was reading one of the feature articles over at Gamasutra Custom Tools: Environment Artists and Game Editors. Was a good read; from my experience I would hav...