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We (Emergent) posted a series of demo videos over at our YouTube channel. They are videos we created prior to GDC’09 for customers and such. These videos demonstrate several of the new features in Gamebryo Lightspeed, along with our new tool; Toolbench.

Toolbench is my primary/only focus since I started working at Emergent nearly 2 years ago. Most of my work has been on Toolbench’s infrastructure both core and satellite systems; along with World Builder, which is a plug-in into Toolbench. Toolbench barrows heavily from many of the concepts laid out in Eclipse for extension and we’ve made it really easy for customers and partners to extend Toolbench and its associated plug-ins. I’ve linked some of the videos from the channel that demo Toolbench and several of its plug-ins very nicely.

Level Editing Overview

The LUA Debugger