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No WPF article this Thursday, I’m working on a big one and I keep coming up with sub topics to cover :). So i figured, why not just throw together a list of my favorite tools that I like to use daily to develop with or just keep my life organized.

Spell Checker 2.2
It’s a free spell checker for Visual Studio 2008 SP1. It spell checks your comments in both C# and C++.

AtomineerUtils Pro
This is a brand new tool in my tool-belt. It’s a plug-in for Visual Studio 2008-2010. It’s a great for auto-generating and standardizing comments in your codebase if you’re a big Doxygen user. The pro version is super inexpensive and it really is worth it.

Can’t develop in .Net without this one. I also use some of the plug-ins on codeplex.

This is my favorite .Net performance profiler.

RedGate Memory Profiler
This is my favorite .Net memory profiler.

I never lose my bookmarks any more and I can keep my work PC and home PC in sync.

This is a really sweet visual studio plug-in. Though it can make your VS a little unstable, but worth it.

Google Reader
I used to use bloglines to manage my RSS feeds, but google reader has this great feature where it removes items you’ve read as you scroll past each entry. So you don’t have to read every entry in a folder in one sitting.

A must have for any .Net developer using WPF.