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A couple of weekends ago was the 2012 Triangle Game Jam. Our theme of the jam was to generate game titles by madlibs: everyone contributed a list of 5 adjectives, 5 nouns, and 5 verb stems, and a program generated random game names from them. From there, we pitched ideas based on the titles and formed teams.

With nearly 100 combinations of titles generated I ended up pitching a concept for #14 – Broken Magic Jumper.  Although a lot of people initially voted that they would like to see the game made, I was the only one on my team by the time everyone had finished picking teams.

The Original Pitch

The original pitch was that you’re a wizard solving a jumping platformer with spells and there are broken magic areas in the world that change a spells effect, and so you have to solve the puzzle by using the right combination of spells.

What Actually Got Made

The game I ended up making was a bit of a departure from the initial concept, it took until about early Saturday afternoon to nail down the exact mechanics, all the while I was just getting the basics of a jumping platformer working and correctly loading levels from Tiled.

The Story

The wizard in charge of protecting the Jump Crystal – the source of all jump powers in the universe, has dropped and shattered the crystal.  He must collect and use the jump crystal shards to find and piece the crystal back together.

The Game

Each type of jump shard will grant the possessor a special jump power – but you can only have one at a time.  Use your jumping and problem solving skills to use the shards in the right order to solve each puzzle.  I’ve uploaded final version of the game to play.  Both the keyboard and Xbox controller will work.  The links are below.  Have fun!



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