Published Achievement Unlocked!

The September 2011 issue of Game Developer Magazine contains an article of mine!  They asked me to write an article for the “Inner Product” section summarizing the Hi-Z GPU Culling algorithm as well as the related research I started working on to automatically generate occluders for the runtime.

My copy hasn’t yet arrived in the mail so I don’t know how the final version turned out, but the last draft I saw after the good folks at GD Mag spruced up the language in my article was looking really good.

It was a lot of work putting the article together, more than I actually thought going into it.  Especially since I already had 3 blog entries to pull from.  However, you find yourself second guessing everything you write because it’s not like a blog entry that you can go back and edit if there’s a mistake.

It also becomes a bit more of a challenge to summarize things that you simply can’t add a link to and tell the reader, go read this.  Also, not being able to just insert a huge chunk of code makes explaining something simple often a lot harder to explain in words.  Hopefully you’re good at making diagrams in those situations.

It was an interesting experience.  Really glad I got the opportunity to contribute an article.

Here were the posts I made that were the seed of the article,

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