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Ambient Occlusion Volumes

1 minute read

There’s a pretty cool paper on Ambient Occlusion Volumes I was reading awhile back by Morgan McGuire, the technique actually uses volumes to calculate what p...

WPF ShaderEffect Generator 1.7

less than 1 minute read

I’ve released an updated version of my WPF ShaderEffect Generator tool on Codeplex. The release is fairly minor but I figured I’d update my blog anyway.

Nick ➟ Activate3D

less than 1 minute read

Last week was the start of new things for me.  I’ve moved on from Emergent and joined my good friends and fellow bloggers Dan and Shaun over at Activate3D.  ...

Hierarchical Z-Buffer Occlusion Culling

10 minute read

While I was at GDC I had the pleasure of attending the Rendering with Conviction talk by Stephen Hill, one of the topics was so cool that I thought it would ...